Bathroom storage space is always at a premium – for most of us the bathroom is the smallest in the house, yet we have many items to store away. Make the most of your bathroom space with these simple storage ideas.

We would all love to be minimalist, but sometimes you just have too many things to store away – and not enough space – especially when it comes to bathroom storage. We have a few tips and tricks that will help you to make the most of crevices and corners that you didn’t even know you could use in your bathroom.

Make the most of the height in your bathroom and add storage high up. There are plenty of options above sinks and baths and even above wall units and don’t forget above the door! make the most of those lintels and add a shelf – the perfect place to keep extra toilet rolls! Either use shelving to keep the space open – or if that looks a little too cluttered and you have the opportunity to sink shelves into wall tiling then opt for some shallow sunk shelves.

bathroom cabinets

Everyone loves a full length mirror – max out the cabinet cupboard idea and make your full length wall fixed mirror into an extra long cupboard. keep the shelves shallow if you don’t have the room to build the cupboard out into the room too far.

Wall mount bathroom accessories where you can including jars for cotton wall, toothbrush holders and makeup jars. If it will start to look a little cluttered then make it into a feature by mounting them all onto a thick wooden panel and fixing it to the wall.

Keep towels out of the way by hanging them on the back of the door. Ok it isn’t a heated towel rail for those wintery months, but it will keep them organised and prevent towels piling one on top of the other where space is short.

Keep annoying cables out of the way when you are rummaging through drawers and cupboards and add in a hook for the hairdryer on the inside of a cupboard.

Look out for shelves that are designed to fit around the pipes of a wall mounted sink – they do exist and IKEA is usually a great place to find them. Make the most of the space with shelves for toiletries and extra toilet rolls.