Are you faced with a small space for your bathroom but you want it all – roll top baths, luxurious shower cubicles, a spacious sink for him and her? Well we might not be able to magic you up some more bathroom space, but we can give you some ideas for making the most of what you have.

Mix up the Shapes – go for oval sinks instead of square and give yourself a larger sink but more space around it to keep your surfaces free from looking cluttered. If you don’t have space for a bulbous oval shape why not try a long sink. It’s almost a his and hers sink and will give you space to both use the sink at the same time without getting under one another’s feet!

bathroom storage

Make the most of your space around units by allowing for hanging space where you can. Opt for a sink with no unit underneath giving you space for storing clothes baskets and a rail for hanging towels instead of cluttering corners and walls. carpenter Blanchardstown are the best in the town, who are helping their clients in designing beautiful space within their budget.

Including blocky units can close off the appearance of space so keep things open with units with legs instead of heavy cupboards. Put sinks on washstands with legs and make any dresser space leggy tables rather than units with cupboards underneath.

Don’t go overboard with patterns – if you have a busy tiled floor then match it with plain neutral coloured walls and simple lines. Keep it from being busy by maintaining space around your furniture and as much natural light in the room as possible.

Look at saving space by using sunk in shelves on tiled walls above baths or sinks to give you extra storage whilst keeping the underneath wall space free.

bathroom sinks

Keep as much natural light in the bathroom as possible- even if that means introducing glass shower cubicles if the window falls within a shower space.  Use extra large mirrors where you can to give the feeling of extra space.

If you aren’t keen on the leggy approach and know you have lots of things to stash away in the bathroom then make the most of units with storage space – give bathroom mirrors storage space behind or underneath and make the most of the space under the sink with concealed cupboards and shelves but avoid cupboards that go all the way to the floor and make the bathroom feel closed in.