An average person spends three years of their lifetime in the bathroom where close to 75% of them feel comfortable in the bathroom. When it comes to our living spaces we want them to be perfect and most often than not we pass that responsibility to a professional designer. The vice about this approach is that; there are higher chances of getting contrary to what you wanted and unmanageable high cost associated with unqualified personnel. Budget and design fit is the foundation of building a dream bathroom. A dream bathroom should not only fulfill the primary purpose of a bathroom but also have aesthetic properties.

Tips for a dream

Floor selection

The floor of a bathroom is the determining factor in designing a dream bathroom. The bathroom floor should not be durable but non-slippery, impervious to water and possess aesthetic qualities. When selecting the best bathroom floor ceramic tiles are the best option. They are impervious to water as well as they have a honed finish to increase traction once they are wet. The most luxurious tiles on the market are ceramic tiles and stone tiles however they do not offer traction since they are highly polished. When selecting the best floor tiles do not consider the price alone, dig deeper into knowing how they respond to stains and ease during cleaning.


The bathroom layout should fit the design of the house as well as bathroom floor plans. Bathroom layout can be categorized into three classes; one-wall layout, two-wall layout, and three wall layout. It’s important to notice that every bathroom faces plumbing problems and thus in order to avoid costly mistakes during plumbing work within your space in designing the bathroom layout.

The three-wall layout is the most versatile design n of them all through the eyebrow-raising issue is the cost it mothers.

Create a dream bathroom that fits your home and budget

The two-wall layout is very flexible as it leaves room to ease movement around the bathroom. This layout follows the double split design. The toilet and the sink are plumbed on one wall while the tub and the showering area on the other side of the wall.
One-wall layout, just from its name, all bathroom components are aligned on one wall. The merit of using the third layout is that it is very cost effective in terms of plumbing installation and future repairs. This layout is not common in living spaces as it limits a person in y=terms of use and movement.


Bathroom lighting is one of the reasons most people fail in the total score of a dream bathroom. The ideal lighting of a bathroom should neither be too bring not too dull as it may create shadows. Ceiling mounted lighting is the highly recommended design for bathroom lighting. Explore your creativity and imagination in designing the lighting, chandeliers as well as the overall mood and sparkle of the bathroom. Use of mirrors is also another way of improving the resultant light intensity of the bathroom.

•Tubs and sinks

Don’t be afraid to make a statement g with the tubs and sinks. Tubs are the focal point attention drawing sculptures in the bathroom. There are a lot of tubs in the market each having a different design in material and shape. The bottom line when selecting a tub for as a dream bathroom is that one should focus on, price, comfort and the general bathroom layout.
A dream bathroom should have the ideal sinks. Self –rimming sinks are the most preferred sinks due to their price and ease in installation but the downside is that this type is prone to grime.

•Pamper the bathroom

Improve the atmosphere of the bathroom by use of colors, art and pictures, cabinets and fixtures. Do not limit your bathroom with complimentary amenities one can think off.
An average person spends three hours a day in the bathroom that is close to an eight of our day so when designing your dream bathroom do not forget to put your needs first.